Coronado, CA

Coronado is Spanish for 'the crowned one,' and thus it is nicknamed The Crown City. The city became a major resort destination in 1888 with the opening of the Hotel del Coronado. In 1900, a tourist/vacation area just south of the Hotel del Coronado was established by John D. Spreckels and named Tent City.  Over the years the tents gave way to cottages, the last of which was torn down in late 1940 to early 1941.


Since 1989, Kevin Rugee Architect, Inc. has completed over 100 residential projects of various scopes and styles on Coronado. This is an interactive tour map designed to allow potential clients to view a variety of homes that KRAI has worked on in Coronado, CA. This is an exterior, sidewalk tour only. Please be respectful of private property and the privacy of homeowners. Kevin Rugee Architect, Inc does not accept liability for any privacy violations or trespassing. By clicking the link below, you will be directed to a site map of  KRAI residential projects and agree to assume full responsibility for any circumstances that may occur on behalf of viewing this map or taking any of the tours offered by use of these maps.

KRAI Project Sites: Coronado, CA